I love Maths

This activity proves that Mathematics can be enjoyable and engaging for all!

We are proud to offer this international creative maths programme tailored for children starting around the age of four. Children will comprehend and apply fundamental mathematical concepts, develop their intelligence and logic, foster creative thinking and enhance discipline and leadership skills.

We highly recommend this programme if you want your child to:

— Develop a love for Mathematics
— Acquire reasoning and logical thinking skills
— Engage with arithmetic, geometry, and stereometry with enthusiasm
— Prepare for successful mastery of mathematics in primary school
— Excel in international Olympiads and examinations
— Cultivate creative thinking

In a practical and fun way, children will learn:

— Number concepts: analysing and understanding the nature of numbers and their distinctions
— Counting within 100: mastering counting and comprehending the logic behind number formation
— Multiplication tables: studying and memorising the multiplication table
— Column addition and subtraction: learning addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division
— Coordinate systems: exploring coordinate systems and understanding their practical applications
— Concepts of weight, length, and height: identifying different quantities and learning their usage.