Reviews on English

Ilsia Ramazanova, Emir's mum

We were looking for a kindergarten with a good level of English. Judging by the reviews of friends, the BC kindergarten was the best fit for these criteria, since some of the best foreign native-speaking teachers who have extensive experience working with children are concentrated here.

At the moment, being a BC kindergarten student, we can see a huge improvement our son has made. Emir progressed from practically zero to a very good level of English. We are very lucky to have a professional native teacher, Mr. Matthew, working with our children. Children are completely immersed in the language environment. And the most important thing is that for them learning English is a pleasure. Everything is so soft and comfortable, since Mr. Matthew spends almost his entire working day with them. Emir happily runs to kindergarten in the mornings, and in the evenings he only complains that he was picked up early.

We like that Emir is motivated to learn, that the teachers of this kindergarten know how to interest children. The teaching staff of Bala City constantly comes up with interesting events for both children and parents as well. A very rich programme, full of exciting events.

It is very convenient for us, as working parents, that by sending our child to this kindergarten, we are sure that Emir will receive holistic development in one place. After all, both Russian and Cambridge programmes are concentrated here, and there is also the opportunity to choose extra-curricular clubs according to your taste.

We are confident about our children, because in addition to the high level of the educational process, the food and care of children complies with sanitary standards and rules.

We would like to express our deep gratitude for the unique education system of your kindergarten! For keeping up with the times!

Thank you!