Reviews on English

Regina Galimullina, Rinel’s mum

We got to know the Bala City kindergarten back in 2015, when we were looking for a kindergarten for our eldest son Rival.

Choosing a kindergarten or school is a responsible decision for every parent. This is not just a desire to send your child to some preschool institution so that he is occupied and communicates with peers.

Choosing a kindergarten is like choosing a second home for your children, because this is where they spend most of their time, this is where they will lay the foundation of their personality.

This is the place and, most importantly, the people who you trust your most precious and beloved child.

It is important for every parent that the child feels comfortable, warm, and at ease, so that the child enjoys going to school or kindergarten.

What is important is what kind of people will surround the child, in what society he will develop and communicate with peers.

A teacher or educator is not just a person who gives knowledge to your child, he is a person who must have a kind heart, sparkling eyes and unconditional love for children. This is exactly what we found in our favorite kindergarten in BC.

An absolutely comfortable environment, highly qualified teachers, interesting and extraordinary classes. No other kindergarten has such a variety of activities, developmental programmes, and events that are available in Bala City.

We no longer thought about which kindergarten to choose for our youngest son Rinel.

We were happy when the opportunity arose to continue our studies at the Bala City school, in the familiar atmosphere of comfort, cohesion, coziness, and most importantly — with our friends!

Teaching English in Bala City is organised at such a high level and is so comfortable for children that, compared to their peers, my children understand and speak English with ease. Undoubtedly, this is thanks to professional teachers and kindergarten management.

I want my children to be successful, and most importantly happy, and with our BC I am sure that this will be the case!