Ilsia, Emir's mum

We were seeking a kindergarten with a high standard of English. Based on recommendations from friends, BC Academy kindergarten seemed to meet these criteria perfectly, as it houses some of the best native-speaking teachers with extensive experience working with children.

Currently, our son attends BC Academy kindergarten, and we have witnessed significant improvement in his English skills. He has progressed from practically zero to a very good level of English. We feel fortunate to have a professional native teacher, Mr. Matthew, working with our children. The children are fully immersed in the language environment, and most importantly, they enjoy learning English. Mr. Matthew spends almost his entire working day with them. Our son eagerly runs to kindergarten in the mornings, and in the evenings, he only complains that he was picked up early.

We appreciate that the children are motivated to learn and that the kindergarten teachers know how to keep them engaged. The staff at BC Academy constantly organizes interesting events for both children and parents, providing a rich program full of exciting activities.

As working parents, it is very convenient for us to send our child to this kindergarten, knowing that he will receive comprehensive development in one place. We trust in the high quality of the educational process, as well as the food and care provided, which meet the highest standards.

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for the unique educational system of your kindergarten! Thank you for staying current with the times!

Thank you!