Reviews on English

Elvina Sibaeva, Denis’s mum

We are a family of educators. And even before our children were born, I always wanted an individual approach and unconventional education for my children - not like everyone else!

Having chosen the Bala City kindergarten, we did’ regret at all! Individual approach, care and attention to each child. In the classroom, modern methods of education are used. And I, as a teacher, always notice changes in my child, on the positive side, of course.

Even with our eldest daughter, after a year of study at Bala City, we saw a significant increase in her development. And now sometimes she listens with envy to the stories of Denis, who enthusiastically tells us what he learned in kindergarten! And in order not to forget the name of this or that artist, he wrote them down, brought it home and told us about them!

The ability to interest a child is worth a lot! It certainly makes us happy! And of course, we are proud of children, as from early childhood they have the opportunity to express themselves from different sides! And what holidays are organised here! Everyone turns into real artists! Each event causes delight and admiration! Many thanks to all the teachers of Bala City for their work and daily contribution to the development of the future generation! I Wish Bala City great success in the future and never stop there!