Reviews on English

Landysh Mukhutdinova, Olivia’s mum

"Bala City is the best kindergarten in Kazan!"

Previously, we heard this from our friends and acquaintances, whose children attend Bala City kindergartens and the Bala City school. Now we ourselves are convinced of this and with 100% certainty we can say that this is indeed the case!

Our daughter is now in the Cambridge kindergarten Year 2 group, this year we are graduating and going to Bala City school!

We want to say a huge thank you to Albina Munirovna, our educators and teachers for their care and attention, for warmth and empathy to our children, for high-quality knowledge, a comfortable environment, for versatile and careful development! Olivia visits the kindergarten with joy and pleasure, we see how she likes it, how interested she is, how well and comfortable she is, she especially likes BC games club, School of Television, STEM classes, My Museum, learning Chinese and Tatar languages. And of course, we noticed how the level of knowledge of the English language has grown, thanks to our international teacher Miss Robin.

I would like to note that Bala City is a place where you feel like you are in a family. Love, harmony and friendship reign here! Therefore, we go to Bala City with peace of mind and with complete confidence. We wish Bala City new ideas and achievements, good luck and prosperity! You are the best thing that we parents can give to our children!