Regina, Rinel’s mum

We became acquainted with BC Academy Bala City kindergarten back in 2015 when we were searching for a kindergarten for our eldest son.

Choosing a kindergarten or school is a significant decision for every parent. It’s not just about sending your child to a preschool institution to keep them occupied and socialize with peers. Selecting a kindergarten is akin to choosing a second home for your children, as it’s where they spend most of their time and lay the foundation of their personality. It’s where you entrust your most precious and beloved child to the care of others.

It’s crucial for every parent that their child feels comfortable, warm, and at ease, enjoying going to school or kindergarten. Equally important is the environment and the people with whom the child will interact and develop.

A teacher or educator is not merely someone who imparts knowledge but someone who must possess a kind heart, sparkling eyes, and unconditional love for children. This is precisely what we found in our favorite kindergarten at BC Academy.

With its absolutely convenient environment, highly qualified teachers, and engaging classes, BC Academy offers a variety of activities, developmental programs, and events unmatched by other kindergartens.

We didn’t hesitate when it came to choosing a kindergarten for our youngest son. We were delighted to continue our educational journey at BC Academy school, where we could enjoy the familiar atmosphere of comfort, cohesion, and coziness, alongside our friends.

The English teaching at BC Academy is organized at such a high level and is so comfortable for children that, compared to their peers, my children understand and speak English with ease. This is undoubtedly thanks to the professional teachers and kindergarten management.

I want my children to be successful and, most importantly, happy, and with BC Academy, I am confident that this will be the case!