Reviews on English

Elza Farrukhshina, Murat’s mum

We met Bala City when Murat was 2 years and 2 months old.

“Isn’t it too early to send the child to kindergarten?” we asked. To which the teachers replied that the most important thing is that the child knows how to eat on his own, everything else will be taught to him. Thus began the story of the transformation of a baby into an independent, enthusiastic, open to the whole world person with sparkling eyes and a cheerful smile.

What is Bala City for us? This is an opportunity to entrust the education of the child to very professional, enthusiastic, creative, attentive teachers. This is an opportunity to develop together with the child, participating in all kinds of family activities: sports and creativity. I like to accompany the child to the kindergarten in the morning: go to the group, see new pictures, cute and funny news of the day written by children, get feedback from educators. Bala City is also a very comfortable community of parents who strive to give their children good education and proper comprehensive upbringing. And after 5 years from the moment of our acquaintance with Dubrava Campus, we say: “Goodbye, Bala City! Hello BC Academy!”